Wednesday, 1 January 2014

We are always the same age inside

So it's only apt to enter the blogging world with the New Year and start with a list of my aspirations for the next decade (or maybe just year) of life…

1. Start a blog
Well I'm apparently in the process of doing that! But seriously, I like writing,  I waste too much time online, and buy far too many clothes, so what better way to harness this than start a blog?
So far going fairly well...
2. Make the most of living in London
This time next year I'm going to be gallivanting around Paris, so I need to make sure I tick everything off my London list before then! From now on, every weekend  I'm going to aim to do one thing I can only do in London. First on my list: a trip to the Almeida Theatre to see American Psycho.
3. Read more
This is something that has definitely suffered since I started uni - after a day spent reading in the library the last thing on my mind is curling up with a book. But with aspirations to work in publishing, I should really make more of an effort! I've just invested in a Kindle so hopefully playing with my new gadget will encourage me to delve into a novel slightly more regularly…

4. Kick my  cheese addiction
The first step is admitting it right? Those that know me can vouch for this one. The way to my heart is not generally sweet (although I am partial to a good GU cheesecake if anyone's listening). Since I started working on the cheese counter in a rather famous department store, this addiction has piqued.
But it's now at a dangerously worrying level. I recently caught myself buying 'Good Cheese' magazine, something which even my colleagues found amusing... There's seriously a whole world out there for those who are equally obsessed with cheese, but it's not doing much to my already minimal street cred (or my waistline for that matter).
5. Drink more coffee
This is what everyone in their twenties should do right?! I feel like the key to success at this point in life is doing everything with a cup of coffee in hand. I'm one step closer to achieving this having been given a Nespresso machine for my birthday, so I'll get back to you in a couple of weeks when I'm inevitably completely wired and hopefully one step closer to being Carrie Bradshaw....
6. Stop shopping
This is a hard one for me. My tiny room is stuffed to the brim with clothes I don't need (but promise I still love!) so I am vowing to spend more time trying to make the most of the clothes I already have. There must be millions of combinations I've yet to find within my wardrobe and now's the time to embrace them. This way I might just end up with a bit of spare cash to get my sisters slightly better birthday  presents than last year... (Although let's be honest I will always be a shopaholic!)
So here we go, I hope you enjoy my musings. Bon appetit!


  1. Two things. First, that is hilarious that you want to drink more coffee - most people would say they need to drink less coffee! If you've got a Nespresso machine you are already doing well. Do you have an Aerocino too? We've got one and it seriously transforms the whole coffee experience. Frothed milk makes the world of difference. Secondly, I am totally with you on the reading more resolution. Spend way too much time online and on my phone (oops, hah! doing that right now...) really need to disconnect and dive into a book for a change.


    1. Oh my goodness yes, I love my Aerocino too! I feel like I'm at a coffee shop each time I magically make a cappuccino! xx